Watch: Papa Penny drops diss track against Julius Malema?



Tsonga musician, Papa Penny posted a video of him in the studio recording a song that has social media users believing it’s a diss track aimed at Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema.

Both personalities had their ugly time weeks back, after Malema said some things about Penny. The musician reacted to the said insults:

“I’m surprised when this guy goes around and tells people that I’m not educated… I don’t have a son, ugly like you…

In the video, which was originally posted on Facebook, Papa Penny can be heard singing about an ugly boy and a “silima” (which sounds similar to word the Zulu word ‘islima’, which means idiot) who has been disrespectful towards him. His pronunciation of the word also sounds very close to the pronunciation of Malema.

Talking to Sowetan yesterday, Penny Penny denied that his latest Amapiano song, Silima, is a Julius Malema diss track.

“Yes, I’m singing about a silima [a clown], but it’s not Malema even though the message is similar [to the rant]. I compose the way I want to. “People are free to make their own judgement of the song. This message is not only from Penny Penny, but it’s for everyone who never had a chance to go to school in general, and they were laughed at. It has nothing to do with Malema,” he said.

He said the song is a first taste of his upcoming 10-track Amapiano album.

“All the songs are bombs. Penny Penny goes with the time. I can sing anything, even rock and roll,” he said.

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