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SA actress Keke Mphuthi is fond of gushing over son on social media, but expressing her love to him in a letter form is totally awesome.

The star who welcomed a baby boy in March got eyes for her son only as she’s scooped lot of mom and son moments on social media.

In a lengthy note, Keke said:

“Dear Honey. If only I knew the things that I know now. You’re my first child, and to be perfectly honest, I had no idea what I was doing when you came along. I had to learn it all with you. (And convince your gran to keep you with me instead ?)After all, you are the reason I became a mother. And for that I am so grateful.”

“I remember the day you were born?,you were so small yet since till now you’ve taught me so much about being a mom. (ISSA EXTREME SPORT BY THE WAY??‍♀️)I’m sorry that you’re at the center of all of my trials and errors. I really want to get it right. I think my expectations of everything has been unrealistic. I spend so much time worrying that you’re not getting enough sleep and that maybe you weren’t developing properly because of something I was doing wrong that, often, I don’t allow myself to just enjoy the the simplicity of you as a baby n that adorable smile. You’re my first born,my MIRACLE . Never again will I get the chance to do that over. I’m sorry for that Honey…Mommy’s gonna learn to breathe n just LOVE YOU.” She added.


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