Hanekom: Zuma must pay damages over defamatory tweet


Last year, Zuma tweeted that Hanekom was a ‘known enemy agent’

Derek Hanekom, ANC veteran said even if former President – Jacob Zuma tender an apology for a defamatory tweet against him, he would still want the former statesman to pay half a million rand in damages.

Last year, Zuma tweeted that Hanekom was a “known enemy agent.”

Zuma’s Constitutional Court bid to have a Durban High Court ruling on the matter overturned failed this week.

Hanekom said Zuma’s loss in the Constitutional Court came as expected.

I expected a loss from the beginning. I knew we had a very strong case. This is certainly defamatory.”

Legal experts said while Zuma is legally obliged to pay legal costs, apologise, and remove the defamatory tweet against Hanekom, he could negotiate not to pay the damages.

However, Hanekom said Zuma must be taught a lesson.

We have a good reason for putting in the damages claim. In statement like that should come with consequences.”

Zuma’s lawyer – Eric Mabuza has reported that the former statesman will comply with the Constitutional Court ruling,

However, there hasn’t been a finalisation on the amount of the damages claim.

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