12 foods you must eat to avoid oily skin



For flawless skin, you need to take care and give it a lot of attention. Maintaining clear and acne-free skin can be a challenging task.

Along with having acne-prone skin, another nightmare that people often face is having oily skin. It is often considered to be as problematic as acne.

In fact, it also aids the eruption of pimples. The genuine cause of oily skin depends on one’s genetic make up, however, there are several ways to tackle this problem.

Eating right is one of them. Our diet plays a significant role in taking care of our skin. Knowing what to and what not to eat in order to avoid oily skin can really help in the long run.

Here is a list of foods that you must eat for healthy looking skin:

1. Cucumber

This fruit contains the maximum amount of water in it. It has the power to hydrate your skin with its cooling effect along with the antioxidants.

2. Nuts

Nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids that are meant to cure the problem of oily skin instantly.

3. Oranges

Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons contain vitamin C as well as detoxifying components that can flush out the extra oil from your skin.

4. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables do not have any oil or fat content. They are rich in fiber that can clear the oil and your skin altogether.

5. Avocados

The great thing about avocados is that it is not only eaten, but can also be applied directly to your skin for preventing oil secretions. It acts as an effective moisturizer for your skin.

6. Lentils and pulses 

Lentils are known have to a lot of nutrition in them. They help in controlling the production of oil keeps our skin clear. Pulses do a great job in maintaining the balance of oil. They are known to provide nutrients and proteins and also consist amino acids that don’t break into sugar which can aggravate oil secretions.

7. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is extremely effective for oily skin. It consists of vitamin C which helps in removing the toxins from your body. It also has a very high water content.

8Whole grains

They are high in fiber which helps the digestion process and keeps our skin free from oil and acne.


Fish, like nuts, contain omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, it helps to tame inflammation and improves oily skin thereby preventing acne.


Broccoli is known to have lots of vitamin C, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It helps in controlling the oil, which reduces the risk of acne.

11. Raw fruits and vegetables

It is no surprise that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your health. They also prevent digestion problems, which could be a cause of oily skin as well as acne.

12. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate not only tastes delicious, but also does a great job in preventing acne inflammation by controlling the oil production of the skin with the help of antioxidants.

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