7 things women say when they don’t really like you



It is true that women are not easy to understand. Men require time to understand them.

It is hard to interpret whether they really like you or not. They may not articulate what they really mean but they indicate through various gestures that you are not really of their type. Therefore, you need to maintain distance from her.

There are many things or ways women adopt to tell men that they are not enjoying their company and want them to stay away.

Want to know about it? Here’s a list of them below:

1. I’m in a relationship right now

This is the most common excuse that girls will give whenever they want to turn guys away. Of course, if she’s lying, you should take it as a hint that she’s really not interested in dating you to the point where she’s making up an imaginary boyfriend to scare you away. If she’s telling the truth, then she really isn’t interested in you at all and you might as well walk away before you start complicating things.

2. I think we’re better off as friends

She’s putting you in the friend zone and you best believe that getting out of the friend zone is a feat rarely accomplished by even the strongest of men. She’s flat out not interested in you and if you ever want to keep her in your life, then you better take the deal of being just friends. Otherwise, you will just end up driving her away with your relentless creepiness.

3. I’m really not ready to date anyone right now

This may be true or it may not be true, but either way, she’s saying that she really isn’t interested in you. She might as well be wearing a huge sign on her forehead saying I’m not into you just to keep you at bay. If it is true, then maybe it would help for you to just be patient. Stop pestering her and just wait for her to be ready. She’ll let you know when the time comes and whether she’s interested. For now, just go on and continue living your life as you were.

4. You deserve a better person to be with

She’s deflecting. The best way to get rid of you is to divert your attention elsewhere. She’s obviously not interested in having you play an important role in her life and so she’s trying to deflect you unto someone else. She doesn’t like it when you’re giving her too much attention, and so she’ll try to downplay her qualities as much as possible in the hopes that you get turned off.

5. There are too many things going on in my life right now

She’s too busy. Perhaps being in a relationship is the farthest thing from her mind right now. She could be too focused on her career or her studies to be dating someone right now. If you were really a guy she was interested in dating, then she would make time for you. But sad to say, you aren’t a guy that’s sweeping her off her feet. Just accept the defeat and move on.

6. I didn’t notice your messages

If you’ve been leaving her text messages on her phone and on social media, then that is a blatant expression of interest on your part. If she hasn’t been responding to any of them, then that is a blatant expression of disinterest in her part. She just doesn’t want any piece of you, and it should be obvious by now. Obviously, she got your messages and she merely chose to ignore them.

7. I don’t look at us in that way

This is her being honest and she’s trying to let you down easily. What she’s saying here is that she’s still open to the idea of having you in her life, but she really isn’t interesting in taking things to a romantic level.

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