Zenande Mfenyana reveals the song she doesn’t want her baby to know



Zenande Mfenyana has taken to her social media to reveal the song she doesn’t want her daughter to know.

The star announced the arrival of her baby in September and ever since then, she has refused to share any picture of the baby.

Zenande’s recent tweet mentioned that she wouldn’t want her daughter to know the “Baby Shark” song.

She continued saying that her baby’s swim instructor started singing the song when she took her for her floatation and asked the instructor to sing something else.

She said: “One of the songs I’m not introducing my daughter to is “Baby shark” that song is annoying.”

“She doesn’t ever have to know about it. Her swimming instructor started singing it when I took her for her floatation and I said “no ma’am, pick another song please”

The comment section was flooded with opinions of what they feel about her tweet as some stated that she would eventually know the song as it is one of the most heard and played for children.

Zenande also tweeted that she would love to meet the people she went to Kindergarten with to see how they are doing now.

“I have this deep longing to meet up with people I went to kindergarten with, I just wana see them and see how they’re doing and stuff you know? That’s just my curious nature playing out I guess”

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