10 best online thrift stores in South Africa



There’s no better feeling than scoring a one-of-a-kind thrift store find – a totally unique treasure that no one else will have.

But sifting through racks and racks of clothing can be exhausting and sometimes, after all that work, you leave the store completely empty-handed.

Luckily, thrift stores are online now, so with a simple click, you can get yourself some cool vintage pieces with zero effort involved.

In case you were worried about the quality of the products that an online thrift store sells in South Africa, shopping from some of the best stores is key.

These top stores will guarantee the quality of the products that you will be purchasing. They will guarantee your coming back to the store. You might want to check them out. Read on to know.

1. Babette clothing

If you are a fashionista, you must have probably heard of Babatte clothing. This is one of the most classic online thrift stores in Cape Town that deals with designer pieces of outfits. The diversity in the goods that the shop sells is one to die for, regardless of whether you are into vintage clothing South Africa or the classy modern ones.

2. Dreamland Vintage

Are you a vintage fanatic and are looking for recommendations on a store to purchase pieces of clothing from? Walking into Dreamland Vintage might be the best thing that has ever happened to you. The store has a wide range of clothes ranging from the ’70s fashion to the ’90s.

3. Vintage and the City 

Still on that vintage vibe, Vintage and the city is another store that does not disappoint when it comes to trendy vintage outfits. The shop sells some of the most stylish urban and vintage outfits that will make you appreciate the beauty of the style. The best part about it is that the clothes are of very good quality. The other thing that makes it a plus is the affordable price ranges of the clothes.

4. Afraid Of Mice 

This is another exciting shop in the list of the vintage shops Cape Town. The best thing about the store is how well it has brought out old pieces to more stylish ones. You might pass the clothes for new ones.

5. Second Time Around

Just as the name suggests, Second Time Around is another store that deals with second hand clothing Cape Town. The only distinguishing fact about it is that it majors on vintage clothes, bags, and jewellery from as far as 1920. The one thing that makes Second Time Around stand out is the fact that these items are in their best shape.

6. Second Hand Rose 

Second hand rose stands as the oldest thrift store Cape Town. It deals with some of the most stylish casual and evening wear. If you want to have a sneak peek of what they offer, you could check out its Instagram page or website. You could also visit the store which is situated opposite Cavendish Square Mall.

7. Glitterati

Glitterati is another gem when it comes to vintage clothing online South Africa. The store has played a major part in vintage revival in the country as it majorly deals with some of the oldest but most precious pieces of clothing, bags, and jewellery. The most interesting part about it is that it has a website that showcases all pieces.

8. Never New

Never New is a shop that deals with some of the best second hand clothes. The most exciting thing about the shop is that it sells clothes for all genders and ages. It is one of the second hand clothing shops Cape Town that you will walk into and be sure to come out with something that will impress you.

9. Vintiqueen 

Vintiqueen is another store that is spreading the vintage vibe in Johannesburg. The store sells some of the most unique pieces of ladies clothes at very affordable prices. If you are a fashionista and are looking for vintage dresses South Africa, this is the shop to walk into.

10. Patou Boutique

This shop has some of the most legit designer pieces that you will fall in love with. The best part about it is that the pieces of clothing and bags look so new that you might convince yourself that they have not been used. If you are after looking stylish, you could visit Patou Boutique at 360 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park, Sandton.

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