Sizwe Dhlomo publicly apologises to a tweep



Sizwe Dhlomo has taken to his Twitter to apologize to a young lady ho claimed he was almost 50 years old.

This is as a result of the response the star gave on a post about relationships and the tweep felt offended.

Sizwe downloaded the lady’s pic and posted it on his timeline but quickly deleted it and apologised after he was accused of going for her looks

The tweep however told the Kaya FM presenter that he’s almost 50 after his response to a post about relationships.

The media personality replied to the lady with her profile picture.

Many Twitter users thought he was shading the lady for her looks.

The tweep @Andiiiiiiiis did not let to slide away as she asked the TV presenter to be more articulate about what he was trying to say.

That’s when Sizwe decided to back down and apologise before things got heated up.

The star wrote: “I’m sorry @Andiiiiiiiis, that was mean spirited and unnecessary of me. I’ve deleted the tweet to you and the one you were responding to.”

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