DA Les opens up about his issue with Bongani Fassie




DA Les recently revealed why he will never work with reality TV show star Bongani Fassie.

The star opened up on the strong bitterness he has for Bongani.

This was made known during his chat with Lasizwe on his Drink Or Tell The Truth show.

DA Les said he will never work with Bongani ever again.

This after Lasizwe asked him, “For the years that you have been in the industry, who is that one person you will never wanna work with again and why?”

DA Les laughed and responded: “I am going to be honest, Bongani Fassie. Even though we started together I just don’t wanna work with him ever again.”

When Lasizwe asked him why, he responded: “I just surpassed that stage in my life…Over the years there has just been a lot of back and forths and a lot of lies and at some point in your life as a grown-up, you need to be able to say ‘you know what, I am okay I will catch you, and I am not shy to say it, it is what it is. let’s keep the energy like that.”

Watch video below:

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