3 skills couples should possess to enhance mutual s*xual satisfaction



One integral part of every healthy marriage is mutual satisfaction in the area of lovemaking.

Every married couple wish to satisfy his/her partner, same way he/she would want the partner to make him/her satisfied when they are having carnal knowledge of each other in their matrimonial bed.

Realistically, though, some couples are not fortunate enough to have their expectation of satisfaction in the area of intimacy met due to some inherent reasons.

One major reason why mutual satisfaction is not always achievable for some married people is because of what one of the partners or both couples fail to observe and do when they are making out.

Possession and exhibition of certain bedmatic skills is one sure way of making mutual satisfaction during lovemaking a reality.

The following skills should be possessed and displayed when married people are having carnal knowledge of each other.

1. Communication skill

Without effective and efficient communication skill, mutual satisfaction cannot be a reality when married people are making love to each other, because it (communication) makes it easy to allow couples do the right thing, the right way and at the right time. The absence of communication can make one’s efforts in pleasing and satisfying the partner end in futility, because of the possibility of doing things that cannot arouse the partner.

2. Listening skill

One reason why couples find it hard to satisfy themselves in bed is because of the absence of listening to what they are told to do and not to do by their spouse when in the act of lovemaking. Communication mean nothing when there is no listening. Both parties should listen to the verbal and body language communication of their spouses when making out.

3. Participation skill

Aside communication and listening, there is also need to mutually carry out the instructions coming from each other without objection. If both parties can willingly or sacrificially get involved in doing what is expected of them by their partners, they will always end their lovemaking section mutually satisfied.

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