5 awful mistakes women make in bed!



There are some things that men absolutely hate about men. And some of them include a few antics in bed.

Nobody wants to have sex with a woman who turns the mood down with what she says and does in bed. Alas! It can be quite embarrassing too.

Women should be aware that not all things they do in bed are exciting and fun.

And to help them figure out, here listed some of the common mistakes sex make in bed.

1. Faking an orgasm

Sometimes, men do not realise that you’re faking it. But most of the time, they do. And it’s not pleasant for men to know that their techniques earn them fake appraisals in bed. Be vocal to your partner about what you like in bed. Guide them accordingly so that you can have an honest orgasm.

2. Lose energy in bed

After an exhausting day, men would love to have some exciting action in bed. It can be the highlight of their day! But coming home to rejections every day can be disappointing. Women also face the brunt of exhaustion all day, but rejecting men every single time for sex, due to the loss of energy is not sexy at all. Look for some ways to build up your energy.

3. Having sex only in the bedroom

Go out of the bedroom to have sex. The kitchen, bathroom, counter etc., make your home a canvas for some mindblowing sex. Having sex only in the bedroom can be very boring.

4. Talking too much

You don’t need to discuss everything during sex. It’s better to keep things to a minimum when it comes to sex. Moan, dirty talk and do things to your man that keeps his eyes rolling. But don’t start discussing household stuff randomly.

5. Not being in sync

For good sex, you need to go slow and in rhythm with your partner. Doing things at your pace and having no regard for your partner’s pace is selfish and ignorant. Be in sync with your partner’s pace and you will find sex is more enjoyable when you two are aware of how pleasurable it can be.

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