Gogo Maweni to start a podcast on witchcraft


Gogo Maweni to educate people on witchcraft through her new podcast

Gogo Maweni is set to start a podcast that will unravel much on witchcraft.

The Sangoma announced her next move on social media, with photos of herself holding a dried skeleton.

She claims the essence of the podcast is to educate people and provide solutions to witchcraft.

“Podcast on witchcraft loading πŸ§™πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ the whole point is to expose, educate n give solutions,” she wrote.

The news garnered mixed reviews; while many see it as an opportunity to get educated, others are scared.

“Please educate us because we have enemies that we don’t know but bewitch us. It will open our eyes and things we need to know to be careful. Thank you Dokotela Maweni,” a comment reads.

“As long as it won’t have scary stories then i will watch it,” another said.


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