“Please be careful,” DJ Stokie warned against Lady Zamar


DJ Stokie has been advised to be careful of Lady Zamar.

The DJ shared a photo of himself with the singer; he tagged Universal Music Group and Zamar in his caption.

The purpose of the snap was not revealed, but it’s presumed that they are probably cooking a collaboration.

Fans of the DJ hurried to the post with words of advice to Stokie, as they reminded him of how Lady Zamar accused her ex-boyfriend, Sjava of raping her.

Some of the comments read:

“Another rape case loading.”

“I don’t trust this because she will….. ai ai cut.”

“Please be careful I’ll leave it here 😢”

“I hope you deliver on the promised song or we will be hearing about rape allegations.”

“@lady_zamar is bad news hey….. next thing tlabe a re omo rape’ile and your whole career down the drain.”

However, the DJ Stokie and Lady Zamar snubbed them.


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