Omuhle Gela to stop the “pretty dumb girl” stigma


Omuhle Gela to change misconception of being a dumb woman

Omuhle Gela says she is working on rebranding her image, so she can be perceived as a pretty and smart woman.

Speaking to Zimoja, the former Uzalo and Muvhango actress said she wants to end the misconception of being dumb.

“There is this misconception that I am dumb,” she says. “I am just a composed person and usually feel overwhelmed by big personalities. People don’t get that about me. They think I am pretentious and it’s all a facade. But I want to rebrand the image from the pretty dumb girl,” she adds. “Yes, I am pretty, thank you. But I am actually smart,” she boasts.

Omuhle also opened up on her struggle with anxiety.

“A lot of people find me difficult to approach based on face value and think they have it all figured out. But I’m cute, friendly and kind. I have struggles too,” she said,

“Everything seems so beautiful on social media, hair, nails and everything but I deal with a lot of anxiety. Being in the public eye can get to you somehow but it’s my 16th year in the industry and I have learned to block out and limit what I give my attention to.”

“I have grown. I am trying to explore myself and do different aspects of my career and fame. I am trying to use my TV production degree behind the scenes. I am currently producing a reality show that will air in May as co-producer. That is a big deal for me. That is what I want people to focus on… my talents,” omuhle added.

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