HHP’s mom health deteriorates


HHP’s mom battles health issues

Mother of the late Jabulani “HHP’ Tsambo has been going in and out of the hospital due to health issues.

Rapper HHP committed suicide years ago, afterwards, his dad who is a psychologist died and now the mom is battling health issues.

A family member disclosed the mom’s health struggle with Zimoja.

“At first Jabba’s death affected her health,’ he says. “She has not been okay since he died. It has been a lot of issues. At one point, she was struggling with mobility and walking. But after his unveiling, seeing all his friends and the love that everyone had for Jabba, his family and most especially his son, she became better,’ the family member says.

“But days are not the same. At the moment, she is not okay. She is at home and working on her health. Her health issues are all related to age mostly and heartbreak. There is not a day that she doesn’t think about her son. But she is staying strong for her grandchild Leano, who at the moment is without a mom or a dad. But thank God that he is a good kid. He works hard, is an A student and the family has done a great job in raising him.”

The source revealed that friends of the late rapper have been checking up on the mom.

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