Mihlali Ndamase says she is not dating again


Mihlali Ndamase not dating again

Mihlali Ndamase gives up on dating till God intervenes.

The South African influencer has made headlines over the past year due to her relationship with Leeroy Sidambe.

From being called a husband snatcher to being dragged for using the car of Leeroy’s estranged wife and many other sagas.

A few months ago, Mihlali confirmed she is single as the relationship ended.

The reason behind the breakup is unknown, but it appears the star is fed up with dating.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Mihlali Ndamase wrote, “I’m not dating again until God comes and sit on my bed and says ‘one of my homeboys wanna talk to you.”

The post made it to Twitter and garnered lots of reactions.

“I honestly do not feel sorry for her. I still remember the Interview she did on “Unfollowed” lol,” a tweep wrote.

“So you set sail in your boat of new love in a sea made of another woman’s tears and expect happily ever after” another tweep wrote.

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