Despite how much the world is progressing in terms of body positivity, plus-size people are sometimes still condemned for their bodies.

They feel conscious, especially in the bedroom while having sex. Women end up thinking about their tummy rolls, cellulite on their thighs or the stretch marks when they are naked in front of their partner.

Many plus-size women get really nervous when being on top and so for those ladies to regain their confidence back, here are some tips to enjoy while being on top.

1. Figure out your angles

Look into the mirror and analyse what your best angles are. Look carefully and do not avert your eyes. It is your body and you should celebrate it the way it is. This way, you can understand which angle looks the most flattering on you.

2. Practice and practice!

Practice makes a man perfect. In this case, a woman! The more you practice, the better you will get at it. You can practice with a pillow and dry hump it, imaging your partner under you.

3. Put a pillow underneath your knees

If you keep a pillow underneath your knees for support, you can enjoy sex in a much better way. This lifts your hip, gives you better access and allows deeper penetration. You should use an industrial pillow instead of a regular one because that will get flat and hard in no time.

4. Use sex toys

Sex toys can be a great way to amp up your sex game, even when you are on top. You can focus on pleasuring yourself during penetration. Your man will surely love seeing you writhe in pleasure!

5. Encourage your partner to embrace your body

Touch yourself and encourage your partner to embrace all of you. Feel the sensuality flow within you and let your partner feel it as well. This way, you can embrace all of your imperfections and soar with body positivity, even during sex!

6. Reset your mindset

Being nervous about being on top is understandable but you have to condition and prepare your mind to love your body!