Shebeshxt apologises after knocking out a man in viral video


Shebeshxt, real name Lehlogonolo Chauke apologises to a man he knocked out in a video that went viral on social media.

Social media users dragged the musician as this isn’t the first time he’s exuded violence to people he’s encountered.

Shebeshxt apologized to the man in a video he sharwd.

However, a majority of people are not pleased with the musician.

Watch video and see reactions below:

“These people (celebrities)should accept that they are normal people. Prone to hunger, anger, bad days, sickness, irritation, violence and others. That’s why nna am never star struck wangkwišiša.”

“Why do we celebrate thugism, hooliganism and untouchable-ism?”

Shebeshxt realize he made and apologies , he is human after all , everyone makes mistakes.”

“Imagine allowing such a person to influence your kids”

“One day boi you do this to wrong people and it’s won’t end nice , manage your anger issue , cause here in KZN we don’t tolerate such behaviour”

Shebeshxt apologises for this viral knockout and promise he will never do it again. “I’m with him now, I came to ask for forgiveness. I made a mistake for sure. I won’t do it again.”


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