“She thinks she’s Tyla,” Social media users mock DJ Pearl Thusi’s outfit


DJ Pearl Thusi’s outfit dragged

Pearl Thusi gets dragged for an outfit she rocked to a recent show.

The South African actress-turned-DJ shared photos of herself performing at a show; she was dressed in a brown wool-like outfit, which revealed lots of skin, including her flat stomach.

Some social media users were not impressed with the outfit as she was called out for trying to be like the music star, Tyla.

Other reactions include:

“At a certain age being single makes you unattractive! Look at all the women her age who are in serious relationships or married, they still attractive.”

“35 years old and single will make you unattractive even if you think you beyonce.”

“She can never be Uncle Waffles.”

“I wonder what goes through Pearls head when at her age is standing in front of mirror putting on such outfit”


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