Nhlanhla Nciza – Humility and Respect Helped Mafikizolo Survive For Long


After 20 years in the music forefront, Nhlanhla Nciza of Mafikizolo has revealed the reason the music group has survived for so long. She told TshisaLive that humility is the key ingredient that helped the group

“The are two things that go a long way in helping you stay in this industry long enough to grow and discover your true self as an artist. They are taught from childhood to most of us: humility and respect. Respect for yourself, your craft and your colleagues and respect goes hand in hand with being humble,” she said told the magazine

She also details on how her music journey has been so far. “When I came into this industry I was just 19 and now we are working on an album to celebrate 20 years in the industry. Others call us “has-beens” while others use kinder words like “veterans.” But we don’t mind because we love what we do. We have grown in the industry and now fully embrace who we are. From our sound to our style,” she said.


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