Gemini Major’s Departure Is Burning Me – Cassper Nyovest


Family Tree chief Cassper Nyovest has opened up about the departure of his former artiste and producer Gemini Major, a Malawi native. The rapper told The Plug Mag that he really liked Gemin Major and his mother also.

“I think it’s just difficult when you actually just love someone. Gemini was a little brother, he’s from Malawi, I’m from Malawi; he really lived in Malawi, my family’s from Malawi. So we had all these little stories and my mom liked him because he was from Malawi. Like it was all of those things and when you make it purely business, it doesn’t affect me with the business ‘cause I’m just gonna be able to win,” he said.

Cassper adds that when someone leaves him, he becomes a stronger person. He said, “personally its wack cos you invest your emotions in someone and you start liking them and now the person is not there anymore. So that’s the only thing that makes it difficult to move on from artists. But business? Every time someone leaves me I become stronger.”

The rapper adds that he wont be signing any new artiste for now because he is still burning from Gemini Major’s depature. “I’m still burning cos of the last artist that left the label so I don’t wanna take [on] any other trouble. Tshego and Nadia are growing nicely, we’re gonna grow them and they’ve shown their loyalty and I appreciate it because we have our own flaws too as a label. Every label has flaws; you can’t leave a label because they’re not perfect.”

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