My Husband Didn’t Try to Kill Me – Mdu Masilela’s Wife


Former Kwaito star Mdu Masilala and his wife Sarah have reacted to news late last month that the two had a big fight and even, Mdu tried to kill his wife with a gun. Mdu told Move Magazine that they are 100% okay.

“I was shocked by reports that my husband tried to kill me. I want to make it clear that nothing like that happened. We don’t know why such a story was ever written. Everything about Mdu trying to kill me was a lie,” said Sarah.

“I’m against women and children abuse so for me to be labelled an abuser is sad. Couples go throug their ups and downs in relationships but that doesn’t justify why men lay their hands on women or even threaten to kill them. Sarah and I are not perfect but I won’t go to the extent of trying to take her life,” said Mdu Masilela.