Ambitiouz Entertainment Signs Cici


Ambitouz Entertainment continues to sign artistes into their company. The latest addition, Cici is a little controversial. It is reported that Cici personally sealed the deal to leave 999 to Ambitiouz.

Head of PR at Ambitiouz Entertainment Gaba Sebego confirmed their capture describing the sexy singer as immensely talented.

Head of PR at Ambitiouz Entertainment Gaba Sebego said the singer is “happy” to form part of the Ambitiouz family and they think she is “immensely talented”. “I can confirm that Cici is part of Ambitiouz, she has signed a contract but a formal statement will be issued later in the week. We are happy and she is also exited to be part of Ambitiouz family,” he adds.

Cici’s former label 999, headed by her ex boyfriend is said to be taking legal procedures on the signing. Her name has since been added to the list of musicians on Ambitouz Entertainment social media page. Cici has done the same.

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