Euphonik Opens Up on #Tholukuthi


Superstar DJ, DJ Euphonik has opened up about the talk of social media all weekend Euphonik. Euphonik had discovered an upcoming musician Killer Kau singing over Distruction Boyz’ Shut Up and Groove. He was impressed and linked up with the Gqom act with Mbali Sikwane, to produce a song that’s been titled Tholukuthi.

“I genuinely believed in the track and thought it was great. If it wasn’t for me it might still be a video being shared on Twitter but I gave these guys a chance because I believe in giving young talent a chance. I am not saying that because I want to blow my own horn but I gave them a chance when no one else would,” Euphonik said on the song

“It was like Euphonik 10 years ago. It was so much fun. I have worked with so many people before but this was just an absolute jol (party),” Euphonik said on the studio session he had with the two acts.

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