Cassper Nyovest on His Latest Gift, “That Shit is Priceless”


Rap mogul Cassper Nyovest has described the latest gift he got as priceless and also reveals what it says to him.

The rapper wrote on Instagram…

“Real music touches real people. Coming to the big city I wanted to make music that would be accepted by the suburban kids cause that’s where I lived when I came to the city but I never understood how much power I had just from me coming from the poorest parts of the country. I was never accepted by the “cool kids” as they were called cause I never had the money to dress like them or drive the cars their parents borrowed them on the weekend. Plus I couldn’t rap about half the shit they spoke about cause I wasn’t that familiar with the lifestyle. I then started rapping about my reality and how much I wanted to live like the upper class. That message was so simple yet so strong cause all we want to do is improve as people. Fast forward I meet an artist in Venda by the name of Patrice Mabasa who made a statue of me from Clay. That shit is priceless and it says to me “Carry on, you bring us hope”. I was mad touched by this Gift. I appreciate all the love from my fans and I hope to see y’all in different colors and sizes at #FillUpFnbStadium on the 2nd of December. #FanArt”

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