How Riky Rick Embarassed a Fan Over Fake Balenciaga shoes.


It is well known that Riky Rick is a lover of luxury items. The rapper even declared on his new song that he will never be caught in an H&M store unless he is paid to be there.

In the video, which was shared on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, Riky is seen questioning the young man about his fake Balenciaga shoes. The rest of the crew burst into laughter as Riky asked for a plastic bag to throw the shoes away.

Riky Rick reacted to the drama on Twitter by saying, “Nkosi yam (My lord), the kid sum of u are saying was “humiliated” is saying “thank you” for being saved from ‘Falenciagas’. Don’t be sensitive bafethu (guys). My older brothers and OGs always used to and still gwaza (stab) us like that. If he was embarrassed would he be posing with the vans I bought him,” Riky said.

Watch the video of the occurrence below!

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