L-Tido – “I’ve Made a Million Rand from Music”


Rapper L-Tido has been in the rap game for a while now but how much has he made from the rap game? Tido says he has made a million rand at the very least.

He told Rams Mabote on Metro FM, “I am fortunate enough to have made a million rand from music. I am not sure about a million dollars but I have made my first million,” he said.

“Hip-hop in 2008 was not popular, we had no big stars who were making money so I had to take the risk. I knew that I had to make a plan so I saved to record a mixtape. The money I used to finance my first project was from what I had got during my 9-to-5. I was self-funded. I had no one to help me. Looking back, It was not a risk that was well thought out given the climate of the industry at the time. It was not a good risk but I am glad it paid off,”  he adds

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