Riky Rick On South African Hip Hop – We Don’t Make Songs For The World


Riky Rick has admitted that it would be hard for South African hip hop to dominate the world because of the amount of local influence and lines artistes use in their songs, himself inclusive.

He told Pause Magazine in an interview last week, “In South Africa, we don’t make songs for the world you know. We literally make songs for our neighbourhood and our culture which is like good for South African people as a tradition but it’s bad because a lot of people outside never get to understand. So it takes a while for it to build,”

Riky Rick compared his music to Kwaito musicians, describing Kwaito as his main genre. “My music is eclectic and a bit confused in some sense. I’m like a kwaito artist, kwaito is like my main genre. Kwaito is basically rapping in our own language, Zulu or whatever it is and creating a vibe out of that,” he added

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