Emtee – You Can’t Compare Me with Yung Swiss


Emtee has fumed at the idea of being compared to rappers such as Yung Swiss by MTV Base. The rapper feels out of place as he believes himself and artistes such as Swiss are not in the same cadre.

Speaking in a recent interview Emtee says he has no problems with the Playground Production rapper. He said, “No, not at all, I don’t have a problem with him (Yung Swiss), I have a problem with the list. That list is wrong. The thing is on that list I’m the only person who does trap, the rest don’t do trap, I’m the only one,”

“You can’t put me amongst someone who hasn’t even sold a 1,000 CD’s, you know what I’m saying. Yeah, you compare me to somebody who doesn’t even have one music video that has over a million Youtube views. All my video’s are above a million views, so you can’t really put someone who doesn’t have that above me,” Emtee added

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