Lady Zamar Speaks On Those Who Question Her Talent, To Film Documentary


One of the brightest music stars of 2017 Lady Zamar has opened up on the battles she has faced following a quick rise as a house musician in South Africa. She told Tshisa Live about her struggles, perceived arrogance and filming a show to make her fans see what happens on the other side.

On her artistry

The most difficult people to deal with are those who believe that I am not a musician. I get it a lot. I became angry when I was told that I wasn’t a real musician. In actual fact, I have screengrabs of telephone conversations, which I have emailed to myself, to remind myself that this is what this person thinks of me.

It is the hardest thing when you work with a person and give 100% and they turn around and say to you that you are a real musician. I don’t care whether people are arrogant or think that I am arrogant, but don’t disrespect my artistic value.

On showing fans what happens behind closed doors

I feel like there is a big divide between artists and their fans. Fans say things about musicians, but they don’t know what is happening behind closed doors. I want to show them that. I want them to get to know me when I am performing, when I am angry and when I am on the road. There is a lot of crazy things, it’s not all glitz and glamour.

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