Cassper Nyovest Admits Migos Inspired Ksazobalit


Cassper Nyovest has admitted he got inspiration to make his most recent singles Ksazobalit after watching platinum selling American trip Migos make songs in the studio.

He said in a recent interview when asked about what inspired the new single. He said, “I experienced you know, seeing Migos in the studio and just like how these niggas have fun when I came back home I wanted to make a very like fun trap song just for niggas who like going to the club but at the same time I wanted to put lingo that’s like local even though it sounds like it’s just like another song from America,”.

“We are so far in our careers that we don’t even have fun anymore. You are always thinking about what people are gonna say, who’s gonna like this, their gonna say it’s trash, their gonna say I sound like this. Right now I don’t give a fuck, I’m just making music that I fucking like,” he adds.

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