Nadia Nakai – I’m trying to balance myself


Nadia Nakai says she is lucky to be a rapper, so that she can spit truths to the nation- like the truth that #NoBadVibes is a myth!

The rapper was on a drive this past weekend when she felt the need to address her Snapchat fam about bad vibes between rivals.

“I used to get hella annoyed with people who would say ‘no bad vibes over here, no bad vibes. Only good energy.’ F*ck y’all, p**sy *ss n**gers. Sometimes you gonna have bad vibes, you’ll want people to get the f*ck away. It is life, you going to have bad vibes and have people come through with bad vibes. You can’t cut off everybody because they in a bad mood,” she said in a video.

She went on to dish a few more spoons of blatant honesty.

“I’m in a place where I’m trying to balance myself, try get my energies alive but you need to watch your attitude when you’re around me.”