K.O Sheds More Light on Cashtime’s Demise


We’ll probably never hear enough of what happened when K.O’s recording imprint Cashtime fell apart. In an interview last week, K.O told Trending SA he never expected that he would be the scapegoat for everyone.

“Unfortunately, I ended up getting the short end of the stick because it was made to look like people were purely moving based on the fact that K.O didn’t want them to blossom, and instead of people standing up on their own two feet on some “bro, that is not actually the case, we are leaving because we wanna go pursue other opportunities…some people took comfort in the fact that people were just blaming me on that level, so it broke my heart.”

“I remember one time I went to my brother’s house, the day (when things were) still unfolding and I remember I shed a tear because I didn’t see that coming. I thought that because I was genuinely great towards people that I was gonna receive the same genuine support, even when we’re not actually doing business together anymore, so that was the only disappointing part,”

The rapper said he’s definitely learnt his lesson, especially business wise and that all he cares about now was making great music.

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