Professor Cries Out After Being Left Out of Festivals, Blames DJ Tira


Kwaito veteran Professor has cried out after being left out of some of the biggest concerts happening in Durban recently. Professor told Isolezwe about his situation and blamed DJ tira for leaving him out despite him putting him on earlier in his career.

“I’m frustrated by the fact that I’m overlooked by organisers of events. These are the same people who I’ve helped succeed. I even end up asking to be put on line-ups because I have fans and I end up charging a fee I don’t usually charge. What must I do because I made the song ‘Woz’ eDurban’ which put Durban on the map and I work with Durban artists but at festivals, I get overlooked

I’ve worked with DJ Tira for years while he was starting out. He found Big NUZ because me and T’zozo begged him to give the guys a shot because he’s business minded. It surprises me now that I have to beg to be put on even when I have a hit song. What must I do?” He told the news outlet.

Tira however apologized for leaving him out but blamed the situation on Professor charging too highly. He said, “I tried to vouch for him and even said it wouldn’t make sense for Professor to not be there. At the door, people enter using data not money so the R30 000 he wanted was impossible to put together. I did all I can and I respect him and I apologize if I made a mistake.”

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