Vusi Nova – Love Is Not Enough


Vusi Nova is currently promoting his forthcoming album. The singer has hinted the album will revolve around love and has been doing press rounds since.

Vusi who released a new single on Friday explains that it is possible to love someone and still leave them. “I’m trying to tell people (in my music) that you can love a person and still move on. It doesn’t mean just because you love someone you have to be with them. That is ridiculous. You can’t, just because you love a person, sit there and stand for all their sh*t basically.

“There are women, even men, that are in abusive relationships and they just stay there because that’s all they know. Even if you love that person and they love you back, staying even though you can feel that something just doesn’t gel is ridiculous,”

The singer also said sometimes it’s better to work things out, and the other times just simply walk away.

“It’s okay to say, no, I’ve been through hell and back with this person, I have tried my best. Once the heart has made a decision to walk away then it’s done.”

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