Sho Madjozi Lands Big Deal with Trace


Tsonga rap sensation Sho Madjozi has secured a mouth watering deal with Trace Urban. The new deal with see the rapper become the leading face for what has been dubbed a mobile data that never expires #NeverExpire

“We are very excited to partner with Sho Madjozi because we feel she embodies everything about the TRACE brand and TRACE Mobile – our values and our multicultural appeal to young people. Much like her, we proudly celebrate  and embrace Afro-urban culture” explained Chief Marketing Officer for TRACE Mobile, Prescillia Avenel-Delpha in a statement.

The rapper also shared her thought on the deal. “this is so dope! My phone and my music are two of my favourite things and now I get to work with a brand that combines them perfectly. Plus TRACE is unapologetically African, like me!,” she said.

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