Unathi Opens Up on Her Fitness Journey


Unathi Msengana’s fitness journey has not only been an inspiration to women across Mzansi, it has also taught her to love herself again.

Taking to Instagram, Unathi shared that a recent conversation she had with a friend while exercising made her realise that all the steps she’s taken to change her life, helped her change for the better.

“This morning Asanda Madyibi and I had a profound conversation on the stairs about the decisions we’ve taken in our lives that have literally changed the trajectory of our lives. I said to her that I can’t imagine the woman I would be inside and out if I still was 30 kgs heavier considering what I have gone through. I decided to love myself from the inside and had to be honest with the woman I had become.”

The television presenter explained that she had to make the changes from within  before she could become the woman she is today.

“I knew what I had to do to become the woman I knew the universe would conspire for me to be. But I had to decide to be her inside and out and today I can truthfully say… I like who I am.”

The Idols SA judge emphasised the importance of being kind to yourself and creating room to love yourself in the process of many life changes.

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