L’Vovo Blames Government For Reason Celebrities Die Broke


Lvovo Derango at rank

L’vovo has some strong views on government’s pledge to help ProKid’s family give the hip-hop ‘pioneer’ a worthy funeral, saying that too many artists died broke because of the lack of support from fans on home soil.

In a series of posts, L’vovo claimed that international stars were treated better in South Africa than Mzansi’s own talent because their music was played more, and apparently got more royalties.

“When we’re alive government rather give foreign artists money. Beyoncé and Drake don’t need more private jets and mansions. South African media and government hates local artists. We’re broke because we are not supported at home.”

He said he was not surprised to hear that some artists died broke because the pressure of fame was enough to destroy a person.

“If only you guys understood how this thing is so tough. I don’t blame people who die broke. It’s tough being in the spotlight, life is expensive. Artists/celebs are ‘expected’ to ‘have it all’ and the ‘best of everything’. Kanti akuhambi kanjalo. Lento inzima.”

L’vovo said that while others were bragging about their riches and jewels, he stayed humble and an advocate for the people.

ProKid’s family confirmed last Thursday that he died after suffering a “severe seizure”. A memorial service will be held in ProKid’s honour on Thursday and he will be laid to rest on Sunday.

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