R30,000 For Whoever Finds Lvovo’s Missing Laptop


Lvovo Derango at rank

Just hours after claiming that local artists such as himself are broke because they are not valued or appreciated, muso L’vovo has offered fans R30,000 to help him find his stolen laptop.

The star took to social media on Tuesday to claim that his car was broken into and his valuables taken. Among the loot was a laptop that had five songs L’vovo was working on.

The muso said the entire incident left him saddened and was prepared to pay to get it back.

“I’m prepared to pay if anyone finds it. I’m giving away a reward of R30,000 cash to anyone who returns it me. Please DM if you have any leads.”

Malume even promised that he would not call the cops on them. Dude just wants his jams.

“I will not call the police or anything – I just need my work laptop only. Please,” he added.

Although, it is not clear how L’vovo intends to get the cash, we bet it won’t be through a loan because he took to social media on Wednesday to warn about the dangers of that.

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