Nonhle Thema Admits She Misused Her Fame


Former TV personality Nonhle Thema has reflected on her meteoric rise and fall in the entertainment industry, claiming that it didn’t help that she believed fame was her calling in life.

You remember when Nonhle was the centre of the entertainment industry and the talk of the town? Speaking on Afternoon Express this week, Nonhle reflected on that time and admitted that she allowed the fame to get to her head.

“I was always trying to find my purpose. I was always seeking for it. I thought that the Nonhle that I had become, the fame and everything was the purpose but it actually wasn’t. I started getting in a space where I was self-indulging. It was all about me, and that isn’t anybody’s purpose. Our purpose, now I have learnt, is to serve.”

Nonhle said she was grateful for all the challenges she had faced and the boundaries she broke, but said that in her dark days she felt like the devil was trying to get her.

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