Letoya – My weight loss is my journey



The famous actress, Letoya had shared on Instagram, her view on weight loss after birth, this is as a result of the pressure she’s been getting from people after the birth of her child months ago.

Though, she is of the school of thought that says ‘love yourself the way you are’. Nevertheless, she hopes to enjoy the weight loss journey as she enjoyed watching her belly grow.



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I’m doing this because lately there’s been this unnecessary pressure to “snap back” immediately after having a baby-and that’s not real. While some might be luckier than others to lose the weight faster-and believe me I’m not one of those-fact is our bodies need to be given time to heal. Pigmentation on the belly is real. That little bit of lose skin was real even for athlete @alysiamontano And all of the above have been very real for me too. While I don’t judge anyone for going under the knife-some of us make a choice not to go that route-hell I’ve pushed out 4babies because I’m shit scared of getting cut up ??‍♀️…and I’m not talking about the brave ladies who wanted to give birth naturally but had to have an emergency c-section…some things are out of our hands and at the end of the day, what’s important is that both mom and baby came through this journey safely and well. Bringing life into this world has been such a humbling experience for me. Knowing that my body could produce such amazing beings is by far the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. And I won’t let this new “snap back” phenomena take away from the pure joy in my heart. My weight loss is my journey and one I tend to enjoy just as I enjoyed watching my belly grow. Life and our little blessings are to be enjoyed…just as much as working out should also be enjoyed. Love & Light Mama ka Nubia ?

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Letoya said the most beautiful thing she has ever experienced is child birth and she won’t let the issue of weight loss take away the pure joy in her.


However, she is not giving up on ‘snapping back’ as she took to Instagram to show her weight loss progress.

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