DJ Merlon Opens Up On His Hit “Themba Lami” and Music Hiatus


Hitmaker DJ Merlon has revealed the reason he took a self imposed break from music before releasing his smashing single Themba Lami which is doing rounds on radio. The DJ told TimesLive in an interview he needed time to re strategize.

“I wanted to regroup after initial hype I knew I wanted to touch more people with my music so I took a break from the limelight to go re-strategise. I wanted to conquer the international scene and I realised after going to a couple of international gigs that people really love us Africans for who we are.”

He also spoke on his new single Themba Lami which features Soulstar and Mondli Ngcobo. “Themba Lami is a fusion of isicathamiya (traditional Zulu) music and house. I am highly influenced by things that are really authentic to home. For example, the inspiration came from a song I did with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, who were my father’s favourite musicians in my previous album. It made me realise that it is possible to bring these two unique elements together to make amazing music.”