How DJ Sbu made his first million at age 21


Hustler DJ Sbu has taken to social media to inspire fan and make them believe that money making is not as difficult as they thought. He said he made his first million at the age of 21. The famous business man is not just good at giving a good speech or talk on business but he brags on never going drain of money as he can make millions of money over and over again.

He added that the major reason why he opened the Hustler Academy- Business school, is to teach young ones on how to sell and make money. Presently, the Academy has 100 students.

The DJ also shared tips on how to be a good business person; It’s not about bragging about the amount of success or money you have. It’s about humbling yourself and teaching others how to make that money or how to be successful like you. Pay it forward & show others how to be like you.

Selling is about knowing that your customers are always right. Always make them smile. Be the nice at all times. They buy or they don’t. Always say thank you with a bright consistent smile. Direct eye contact, firm handshake, friendly at all times no matter how rude they are to U.

Selling requires no LAZY PEOPLE or people who suffer from ABS (Abantu Bazothini Syndrome). It’s for hard workers. Dedicated ppl who have goals to reach & money to make. You must sweat & move from 1 person to the next. Speed, focus, consistent enthusiasm, closing sale after sale.


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