L-Tido speaks on fatherhood


L-Tido’s life outside music is been a father. Fatherhood has not been so fun and easy for the artist as he lacks enough time for his son Jaden.

Recebtly, he spoke with Mo Flava in an interview on Metro FM, L-Tido said, “I wish that it could have happened that my son got to spend time with both of us in the same house. It’s like a vicious cycle ’cause I never grew up with my dad too. It’s all about…if people share a connection, and you guys somehow lose that connection, in a way…I don’t think it’s a good thing to ever force it, to be together for your kid ’cause the kid will feel the energy around the house. I love my son and we have a very good relationship but I don’t think me and his mom could  work out as a couple together.”

The artist doesn’t belong to the club of proposing to a lady officially before starting a relationship, he just wants things to be in place as he desires. He added, “There’s challenges in terms of trusting someone, you’ll never know what someone’s intentions are…everything about me is premeditated, I don’t see a girl and say: ‘Be my girlfriend’…I’ve actually never ever in my life asked a girl, can you be my girlfriend…I never see a girl and say I want this girl to be my girlfriend, so what usually happens is…I see the girl…speak to her and whatever, and I want things to fall in place…”

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