Brenda Ngxoli: Steve Harvey’s book doesn’t help



Brenda Ngxoli was nominated for international awards years back and she hasn’t killed the fire as she’s always performed greatly as an actress.

Recently, the young actress took to her social media and addressed relationship issues in a hilarious manner. She actually knows how to fix in a comic relief to every situation. While she spoke in the video she said Steve Harvey’s book doesn’t work for her as she has a lot of issues to deal with which will take a long period. The actress needs a quick fix to her issues.

“Only a woman, can understand the plight of a woman, sorry guys I know you are trying but you’ll have to sit out of this one because it’s about you….”

She added, “that is why I’m looking for someone or something who can help me find and keep a man. Steve Harvey’s book doesn’t help, it’s all about self-work and I’ve got too many issues that will take too much time. I need a quick fix.”


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