Nadia Nakai: I had coloured hair before Babes Wodumo came out


Family Tree rapper Nadia Nakai has addressed accusations on her head that she is a photo copy of several artistes. The rapper claims she’s been rocking colored hair long before Babes Wodumo became a superstar.

She said in a recent interview, “People be like, Nadia has a bunch of coloured weaves because she’s tryna be like Nicki Minaj, and if I’m too opinionated, I’m tryna be like Cardi B, but there’s a lot of people that have known me for the longest time, I had coloured hair before Babes Wodumo came out, I was always popping off long before Cardi B was popping, so my thing is that people will always have an opinion to break down women, ‘this is not your identity, you stole it from someone,’

On her finances: “I’m literally getting my life in order, the person that manages me, we started together, she’s literally gotten me to sit down and get my policies in order, my life cover, hospital plan and all those stuff and then I got my accountant to make sure that I’m tax compliant. I’ve gotten everything sorted out so that I can think about my future and also not just my future but the people that work for me also.”

On Cassper Nyovest advising her to invest in properties: “I got a new car, I was scared to tell Cassper about it because Cass is always like: ‘You got a new whip? Have you bought a house yet? Investment in property? I understand that you enjoy the car, but do you understand that you’re gonna be making a lot of money, you only gonna get to the top, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable and secure, property is the way to go…enjoy it, you’re making money but make sure that…property is the next thing we’re getting,’ he tells me.”

On her new single Yass Bitch: “The song is literally to empower women, I want them to feel like, whenever they feel like they running sh*t and getting their shmoney. Whether in corporate or you’re a hostess at Sumo or you’re a stripper, wherever you’re getting your shmoney, get your shmoney honey cause these n*ggas ain’t tryna love us. I wanted it to be vulgar, I wanted you to be taken aback by it because you’re hearing it for the first time, I wanted you to feel empowered, I want you to feel like you don’t have to live up to anybody’s expectations except your own,

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