Motlatsi Mafatshe speaks of what hurt him the most



Actor Motlatsi Mafatshe has experienced growth in the industry as he walks on the dream come true lane. Despite his hard work and achievements, he speaks of his pain and hurt. The actor revealed his hurt as not giving his family the attention needed.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE about his directorial debut on Isidingo, he said; I was ecstatic to have it (the episode) air on TV. I have been training for some time now and finally I am seeing the fruits of it all. I studied production and script-writing so this is something that I have always seen myself doing. It is more work for me but now is the right time. I want to show that there is more to me than being an actor.”

“I am not going anywhere. It was my dream to be on Isidingo and then to direct it and I am not going to give up on that. The scheduling is interesting because I will still act in episodes I direct so I will be in front of the camera and head back behind it to direct and edit. It is interesting.”

“It is very difficult. Even last week I went to bed shaking because my body was so exhausted. I see people pushing and I want to be at their level. I want to be a living example of being able to reach your dreams no matter where you were born or raised. It has humbled me. The only thing that hurts is when you are home with your family but still working. But I am doing all of this for them and they are supportive.”