Musa Sukwene – I spent over a months in the studio doing nothing after Robbie’s death


Idol SA winner Musa Sukwene is yet to get over his mentor’s death, Robbie Malinga. The music star died last year December and it left a big hole in the hearts of loved ones.

During a conversation with Jeannie D on Afternoon Express, Musa revealed how he’s been faring without Robbie by his side.

The singer said; “My first gig outside his presence was the day after his death. It was probably the most difficult show I have ever done in my life. I am standing there on stage and my mind is replaying the idea of me saying that I am going to call him up on stage. He is going to show up. At some point he is going to walk in, tap my shoulder and we’re working.”

“It took me four or five months for me to want to even perform again

“It took a while. I think I spent over a month in studio not doing anything. I was used to the idea that you wake up in the morning and go to studio and told to go write a verse and come back. Now I am at a position where there is nothing. There is no material. You literally have to dig deep.”


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