Death mars AKA’s show in iPotsoyi



AKA’s performance was cancelled over the weekend after the news of someone shot at the venue went viral. This was not just a pain to the rapper but most fans who anticipated his appearance on stage were disappointed.

The rapper took to his social media to share this heart breaking news and he also condoled the family of the dead victim and apologized to his supporters. He said; “Unfortunately someone got shot at iPotsoyi a few minutes ago and the cops shut the show down so I won’t be able to get on stage. Apologies and condolences.”

However, Fans pissed AKA off by dissing him rather than understanding the situation of things.

The rapper had to re-explain the bad incident in other to stop the whole diss. His response to his fans was in this form;

Despite his explanation, he concluded his followers were crazy as they refused to stop the diss and gest. He said;

Twitter so crazy y’all can find a way to make a joke out of someone losing their life to diss me. Snap out of it. Please.

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