Ayanda Borotho – No amount of money is worth diminishing my worth or peace



Ayanda Borotho revealed how she turned down a huge amount of money in other to maintain her self-worth. On Tuesday she shared the quote by Jane Elliot, which read: “The powerful tolerate, the powerless wait to be tolerated”, before sharing how it had made an impact on her life.

She said, “I’m teaching myself to walk away from any setting where I feel tolerated. In April this year I ‘fired’ a client. I walked away from a big name brand client because I felt tolerated. And I would do it 1,000 times over. No amount of money is worth diminishing my worth or peace. I know who I am. Writing that letter to terminate my services was power to me. When you feel tolerated….walk.”

Ayanda added; “When you don’t, you surrender your power and you become susceptible to being ‘tolerated.’ And often it may feel like you have no choice in the matter (when you actually do. We always have a choice).

“Being tolerated manifests as being (but not limited to) in a toxic relationship but staying because you don’t think you are worthy of better, surrounding yourself with people/friends who make you feel small but give the illusion that you fit in, not being free to be who you are etc.”